OSHA 10 hour training.


Anyone who enters a hazardous waste site must
recognize and understand the potential hazards to health
and safety associated with the cleanup of that site.
Personnel actively involved in cleanup must be
thoroughly familiar with programs and procedures
contained in the Site Safety Plan (see Chapter 3,
Planning and Organization) and must be trained to work
safely in contaminated areas. Visitors to a site must
receive adequate training on hazard recognition and on
the site's Standard Operating Procedures to enable them
to conduct their visit safely.

The objectives of OSHA 10 Hour training programs for employees
involved in hazardous waste site activities are:

· To make workers aware of the potential hazards
they may encounter.
· To provide the knowledge and skills necessary
to perform the work with minimal risk to worker
health and safety.
· To make workers aware of the purpose and
limitations of safety equipment.
· To ensure that workers can safely avoid or
escape from emergencies.

The level of training provided should be consistent with
the worker's job function and responsibilities. The
training program should involve both classroom
instruction in a wide range of health and safety topics
and "hands-on" practice. Hands-on instruction should consist of drills in the field that simulate
site activities and conditions. Any training program for work around hazardous substances
should also incorporate onsite experience under the direct supervision of trained, experienced

All OSHA 10 Hour training information should be presented in clear, concise language. Particularly important
information, such as the Standard Operating Procedures, should be provided in writing. A variety
of teaching aids (i.e., films, tapes, slides, etc.) should be used, and lecture sessions should be
interspersed with class participation and hands-on training. All employees should also complete
The training program should involve field drills that
simulate emergency situations.

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